Character Designs

Here is Nephthys, one of the Egyptian Goddesses. She is referred as the Excellent Goddess or the Useful Goddess.

Here is my Maori Warrior. Don’t let his age fool you.

Here is the Porcupine Gladiator ready to battle to the death.

Here is breakdown of the Gladiator’s Cestus.

Action Poses of the Porcupine Gladiator

Turnaround of the Porcupine Gladiator.

Turnaround of the gladiator’s Cestus. This particular gladiator uses his own quills.

Expressions of the Porcupine Gladiator.

The theme of this month is Vampire. Here is Hiro from the Twin Fang Gang. He is just a local vampire gangster having some fun.

The theme of this month is Aviator. Here is my Aviator along with her pet falcon.

The theme of this month is Samurai. Here is my crow samurai ready for battle.

The theme of this month is Sailor Moon. This is Character Redesign of Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars. This is her in her civilian clothes and off to play some B-Ball.

Early Designs of Ken Kusanagi.