New Lumeron Project

The New Lumeron Project is my personal project, a graphic novel. This is where I keep reference sheets from characters, props, and environments.

Here is the main character, Ken Kusanagi. He is a rambunctious and carefree fellow who loves to have fun.

Ken is quite an animated fellow.

Even though he is small, he is swift. He calls upon his katana to fight and ultimately capture the beasts he accidentally unleashed into New Lumeron City.

Here is Ken’s closest friend, Tomas Reed. Still more yet to be revealed!

Just Ken’s backpack

Here is Ken’s trusty katana. It is called upon by activating the supernatural trait that has been passed down through his family, the eye of the Tengu.

“The son of a prominent warrior family accidentally releases strange beasts into a mystical modern city, and must capture them all or be stripped of his powers forever!”

That is the premise of my upcoming graphic novel. These are character model sheets I have made. It’s still in pre-production. Stay tuned for more!